Dr. Evelyn Lowell
DELUSION: The Blue Blade
Los Angeles 2018
"The Blue Blade boasts terrific performances of nuanced characters...
.....success hinges upon the acting of Jane Edwina Seymour (Dr. Lowell), Nerea Duhart (Eve) and Alex Demers (Carrick)."
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Stacey in Fortune Defies Death
Directed by Jennifer HuLum
Surround Idea Inc.
Los Angeles 2016
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Nominated, Best Performance by an Actress
Prince of Prestige Academy Awards 2018 
Gala Dali in The Trial of Dali,
The Lounge Theatre
Hollywood Fringe Festival
Los Angeles 2014
"Jane E. Seymour is outstanding as Gala..."
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The Possibilities
by Howard Barker
Sidetrack Theatre, Sydney 2010
" does Jane E Seymour, who shines in a variety of supporting roles. More often than not, she is the glue that allows the other performances to stick." 
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Mistress HEL
Total Awesome Viking Power
Directed by Morten Forland
Los Angeles 2014
Nominee, Best Female Support
Sydney Indie Film Festival 2015
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Meredith in
The Rules of April 
Written by Wayne Tunks
Directed by Fiona Hallenan-Barker
Newtown Theatre, Sydney 2008
" the overbearing, officious, slightly hysterical mother Meredith, Jane E Seymour gives another excellent performance."
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Medicine Woman
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